Jump training is one of the best exercises prescribed not only for athletics looking to improve their skills and also for me and you wishing to get six pack abs while live healthier and look better. It is helpful in maintaining body fitness, losing weight, muscle building and in facilitating the healthy function of our body.

However, if you are looking to learn how to jump higher there are several exercises structured to help improve your jumping skills which can also be used as a normal workout program. There is also workout programs that will help you how to lose fat fast. Below is a detailed description of the exercises you can use as jump training to improve your skills.


The Squat is an exercises seen in almost any workout program. It is one of the most versatile all round leap exercises used to build strength. The Squat can be done with weights or without weights, depending on the individual. A Squat is used to target the leg muscles and posteriori chain muscles. It works on these muscles simultaneously.

How to Do a Squat: Take an athletic posture and bend your knees gradually as if you are trying to sit on the floor. Try as much as you can to keep your back straight and your feet placed at shoulder width apart. Then keep your knees bent and squat until your knees are at 90 degrees with your thigh. Now rise up again and back to your original position and relax. If you prefer to squat with a weight and you are just starting out, get a trainer to help channel your efforts.


The Deadlift is another effective exercise program designed to improve vertical jump skills. It helps to build back strength and also targets multiple muscles simultaneously. It also allows trainers to keep their lower back rigidly against a load.

How to Do Deadlifting: Get a barbell and pull it from the ground with both hands until your knees and hips are fully extended. Then bring your hips forward but keep pushing from the heels without pulling with your lower back.

This is it, repeat the process as many times as you can. However, if it is difficult or if you are just starting out on it, use smaller weights.

Depth Jumps

Depth jumps are a jump training exercise that improves the jumping speed and explosiveness. It is some times called plyometric exercise.

How to Do Depth Jumps: Find a high (about 12 inches) box or ledge and stand on its top. Take an athletic position while keeping your feet, shoulder width apart. Slowly jump off the box into the air in front of the box and land on the ground on your feet. Almost immediately when you land on the ground, rush back to the top of the box. This time around, rest on the platform for few seconds to regain your balance. Then repeat the process as many times as you can.

Toe Raises

A toe raise is among the jump training exercises that strengthen and tone the calf muscles. This is a very effective exercise in training jumping skills and can be done either in the gym using a toe raise machine or at home using a thick, heavy piece of wood or any other heavy object that is suitable.

How to Do the Toe Raise: Raise your heels off the ledge and lift it up to your tip toes. Lower it down as much as you can and lift it up again. Continue this for as long as you can endure.

Weight Abdominal Exercises

The importance of abdominal muscles in jumping can not be forgotten. These are the core muscles that connect the upper body to the lower body. Among the abdominal muscles you can do, crunches are the most recommended of all. Crunches not only tone the core muscles,  but also strengthens them.

How to Do Weight Abdominal Exercises: Laying down on your back, preferably on an exercise mat, bend your knees. Cross your arm in front of your chest and start curling your back in order to lift your shoulders towards the ceiling. Ensure that you do not involve any other muscles in this process, except the stomach muscles. Then slowly go back to your starting position, and start all over again.

Other exercises that help in jump training are:

Warm Up Exercises

Warm up is required before any exercise session. Some warm up exercises to do are stretching exercises and techniques. Also, a few minutes of jogging can help get your muscles ready for the day’s training.

Knee Bend Jumps

This is another exercise that can facilitate your jumping skills. Stand upright and bend your knees as if you are about to sit on the ground. However, ensure that your back is upright and just before your knee touches the floor, start coming up again. As you are almost standing erect jump in the air and retain the original position; keep your knees bend for a while, then repeat the process.

Jumping With a Skipping Rope

This is among the best exercises that will help you to jump higher. You can jump with a skipping rope anywhere, but ensure that the place is free from any pointed objects that may pose some risk to your body or health.

Regular Workout Routine

While every other exercise explained in this article is important, maintaining a regular workout program will not only ensure that you gain effective jump training, but it will also make sure that you retain and improve on your skills. These workouts must include exercises that can strengthen your abdominal muscles, back muscles and leg muscles.  Strengthening and conditioning these muscles will enable you to jump higher.

Jumping is a very good exercise on its own. The best way to become perfect in any thing is to continue doing that thing and find ways of improving your skills. If you participate in vertical jumping, take your time and after warming yourself jump as high as you can, noting your progress. This will help you keep track of your success and to identify the factors that are hindering you from reaching your dream jump.